g) Snack box Selection


What about having a snack to get you through each day of the week? This is the perfect option to become Broderick`s lover.

5x bar in your Snack box: 1x Rocky Road – 1x Caramental, 1x Peanut Slam, 1x Tiff Toff Tiffin – 1x Gooey Oozy Brownie

This delicious selection is also ideal if you want to try and decide which one is your favorite, so brace yourself for a severe Broderick’s addiction!



ROCKY ROAD - Belgian Chocolate, Crispy Biscuit, Gooey Marshmallows - CARAMENTAL - Irish Butter Shortbread, Creamy Caramel, Belgian Chocolate - TIFF TOFF TIFFIN - Belgium Chocolate, Crispy Biscuit - PEANUT SLAM - Belgian Chocolate, Crispy Peanuts, Smooth Peanut Butter - GOOEY OOZY BROWNIE - Belgian Chocolate, brownie-like, simple and rich.

Additional Information
Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 16 × 17 × 3 cm