b) Mini Selection of 30 Minis –


This huge mini selection of delicious minis will be great for your house or office party… But hold on a sec – You Don`t Need to Share – šŸ™‚
The mini-bite selection includes 30x individually-wrapped indulgent Mini-bites treats, perfect for family/friends gathering.

10x Tiffin – 10x Rocky Road – 10x Caramel

Thereā€™s nothing like these mini slabs of crumbly shortbread, soft chewy caramel, marshmallow, and decadent chocolate for putting a smile on faces everywhere.

30x Mini-bites per box.



ROCKY ROAD - Belgian Chocolate, Crispy Biscuit, Gooey Marshmallows - CARAMENTAL - Irish Butter Shortbread, Creamy Caramel, Belgian Chocolate - PEANUT SLAM - Belgian Chocolate, Crispy Peanuts, Smooth Peanut Butter -

Additional Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 28 × 7 cm